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> Visitor Visibility:

WOW Analytics will report to you on exactly who has been visiting your site and exatly what they did there, information reported includes;

  • Company name of visitors
  • Website Visitor journey
  • Keyword and phrases
  • Referring websites and campaigns
  • Specific visitor groups (Lead, Customer, Competitor, Supplier etc)
  • Specific company employees (through Linkedin integration)
  • High level activity through reports
  • ‘Hottest’ opportunities (through Lead Scoring)
  • Company details with the click of a button (Google search function)
  • Monitoring companies of interest (Company “Watch” function)

> CRM Integration:

  • Push website visitor information directly into your CRM system
  • Updates existing CRM contacts information each time they visit your website
  • Create alerts so each time a specific company visits your website and their CRM details are updated an automated email will be sent to a specific sales/account manager or member of staff

> Linkedin Integration:

  • Pull individual employee contact and job junction details about the companies visiting your website
  • View company profile, URL, employee band of the companies visiting your website
  • Automatically checks if you have any connections in common with a company visiting your website

> Real Time & Historic Reporting:

Automated reports can be triggered on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis or on demand on predefined dates of your choice, these reports can include all of, or a selection of, the below:

  • Lead Ratings
  • Lead Assigned
  • Sales Team Stats
  • Top Ten New Leads
  • Top Ten Repeat Visits
  • Top Ten Page Views
  • Top Ten Search Terms
  • Top Ten Browsers
  • Top Ten Referrers
  • All New Leads
  • All Competitors Visited
  • All Customers Visited

These detailed reports can be sent to individual users or groups such as management, sales/marketing teams or any group or individual of your choice. Restrictions can also be defined dependent on user status.

> Google Look up:

  • Search Google for more details about the companies visiting your site at the click of a button

> Company Notes:

  • Assign notes next to the companies visiting your website for future reference

> Access restriction on user preference:

The specific user rights you can set are:

  • Admin: Full control over the WOW Analytics solution, assign leads, group and segment visitors, access to all reports and report alert settings, manage users, access WOW tracking code and much more.
  • Lead: They can only access and view the leads assign to them, all other leads and details are hidden from visibility. This user preference is ideal for sales individuals, so they can only assigned opportunities, thus a fair distribution of leads through the sales team.
  • Sales: This access right allows the user to see all of the company names and details of visitors to your website, allowing them to assign leads and gather information about the companies they want to target. However they will not have admin right for adding users, altering or creating automated reports or changing any setting on the WOW Analytics solution.

> Company Watch:

  • Receive email alerts on specific companies of interest when they visit your website
  • ‘Watch’ your prospects, customers and competitors to monitor their activity on our website

> Keyword Visibility:

  • View the keywords and phrases used to find your website (helps to improve your SEO and PPC Campaigns)
  • Receive automated reports on the top Keywords and Phrases used
  • View referring websites

> Visitor Journey:

  • See the pages viewed by companies visiting your website (helping to gauge their interest), this includes time, date and number of visits.
  • Keywords and phrases used to find and navigate your website (helps enhance SEO and PPC Campaigns)
  • Automate or generate on demand reports on your website visitors journey and activities
  • Rate the companies lead potential using lead scoring and information on their website activities.

> Page Scoring:

  • Rate the ‘hotness’ of interest of each company visiting your website by the pages they viewed
  • Lead Nurture and target the companies that show the highest interest in your business (through lead scoring)
  • Set a company ‘Watch’ for the ‘hottest’ leads
  • Lead nurture the companies visiting your website, to target them at the most opportune time.
  • Assign the ‘hottest’ leads to specific sales persons
  • Enhance your SEO and PPC campaigns how the ‘hottest’ leads find and navigate your website

> Visitor Segmentation:

  • Segment and group your visitors by Lead, Customer, Competitor, Supplier and many others for ease of visibility
  • Segment and ‘Watch’ your visitors set on a number of different variables
  • Enhance your SEO and PPC by seeing how specific groups are finding and navigating your website

> Social (Twitter) Integration:

  • Send your Tweets directly from the WOW platform for ease of use
  • WOW will shorten the url included in your Tweet (tinyurl) giving you extra characters to use for your promotion
  • WOW will track and display the company names of visitors to your website

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